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Friday, September 30, 2016

Passage To Paradise


passage-to-paradise-insertSwank Daddy's Exotica music submittal to the group.

At both music forums we like to talk about a variety of music. If you hit Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Esquivel you're going to be game for most stuff.

My take on Exotica is about one type of music blending with another? Martin Denny, a jazz piano player, moves to Hawaii for gigs. Before you know it he's adding Eastern and Polynesian instruments, and by accident frog and bird calls. The story is not too different from Jazz musicians in NYC being influenced by the Cubans around the corner.

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Space Age Shocker!



One of my favorite blogs is Your Pal Doug's Pals. A collection of latest blog rips of Our-Kind-of-Music. "What will tides bring in" kind of place to go to.

In 2010 some blogs got wacked and never came back. Including Swank Daddy.

Here Swank  collected a few Space Age classics along with a surprise surf shortie; The Big Hurt by The Vanduras.

Appreciate the hard working bloggers. If they strive on comments leave one.  I fondly remember the early bloggers. If you burned out and stopped, or got burned, keep in mind you were not forgotten and your efforts were appreciated!

Next week, a classic Space Age mix tape coming up. Created when tapes were actually tapes.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ENOCH LIGHT: persuasive & provocative


A few Command record fans on the Facebook Page. So here's a vintage mix!

Radio Fantastica  was a 60 minute program put together by Exotica Lister Johan Dada Vis in the 90's and 00's.  On European radio somewhere. Dig around the links, Johan did some creative mixing, the program was compiled and edited on minidisk, a system that was essentially a gloried floppy drive offered by Sony.  According to the comments Johan offered his 63 programs as a CD package with linear notes and comments.

Contacted Johan recently for the whole set and Johan was only able to collect 15 of his programs.  My other source, who had all the CD's, well, those CD's have gone to rot! CD ROT!

The archivist in me is really bothered about how fragile digital media really is. Less than 15 years old and these programs are almost gone? You would think anything on the internet is saved somewhere. Johan found a place to store his old Geocities work of extensive reviews and articles.  But the programs may disappear? Or are already gone? If you have the shows contact me and lets spread them around. OK?

This selection: When you get to track 14, what are you hearing besides the Beatles? You have to dig Enoch Light to throw that in the mix.

If the stream and DLs are are hit, I'll post #60 next.   Mo's artwork for the Exoticaring submits edited by me. Zip file has extra tracks.

Comments directed to the Mailing List or the Facebook group.

Fantastica # 23

identification: Mexican xylophone

  1. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Provocative percussion"

    • album "Provocative Percussion Volume 3"

    • LP, Command RS 821 SD, USA, 1961 | +++++

  2. Enoch Light: "Besame mucho"

    • album "Big Band Bossa Nova"

    • LP, Command, USA | +++

  3. LEITMOTIV: "Sound Effects"

    • album "Totally Cartoon Sound F/X"

    • CD, Prom 8095-2, USA, 1992 | ++++

  4. Enoch Light produces Terry Snyder and the All Stars: "Rocka bongo boogie"

    • album "Persuasive percussion Volume 2"

    • LP, Command RS 808 SD, USA, 1959 | ++++

  5. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps"

    • album "Provocative percussion"

    • LP, Command RS 806 SD, USA, 1959 | ++++

    • info: Exists on CD, see details in my "eXotica Releases Overview".

  6. Enoch Light & His Orchestra: "Ching ching ching chow"

    • album "Far Away Places Volume 2"

    • LP, Command RS 850 SD 1963, USA, 1963 | ++++

  7. Terry Snyder And The All Stars: "Tabu"

    • album "Persuasive percussion"

    • LP, Command RS 800 SD, USA, 1959 | +++++

    • info: Exists on CD, see details in my "eXotica Releases Overview".

  8. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Hernando's hideaway"

    • album "Provocative percussion volume 2"

    • LP, command RS 810 SD, USA, 1960 | ++++

  9. The Enoch Light Singers: "Born to be wild"

    • album "Whoever You Are, I Love You"

    • LP, Project 3 PR 5030 SD, USA, 1968 | ++++

  10. Enoch Light & The Command All Stars: "Kashmiri song"

    • album "Persuasive percussion volume 3"

    • LP, Command RS 817 SD, 1960 | +++

  11. Enoch Light: "Petite Paulette"

    • album "Spaced Out"

    • LP, Project 3 PR 5043SD, USA, 1969 | +++++

    • info: Exploratory trips through the music of Bach, Bacharach and The Beatles, integrating the Moog, The guitar scene, electric harpsichords, flugelhorns etc... "Spaced Out" is also the name of the ultimate Enoch Light and Command Records discography on the web. Go to the links page of my site for its URL.

  12. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Pass and I call you"

    • album "Permissive Polyphonics"

    • LP, Project 3 PR 5048SD, USA, 1973 | ++++

  13. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "The gang at the green grotto"

    • album "The Private Life of a Private Eye"

    • LP, Command RS 33-805, USA, 1959 | ++++

  14. Enoch Light & His Orchestra: "Hey, Jude"

    • album "Beatles classics"

    • CD, Project 3 PRD 5084, USA, 1992 | +++

    • info: Reissue of 1973 album.

  15. Enoch Light & His Orchestra: "Calcutta"

    • album "Far Away Places"

    • LP, Command RS 822 SD | ++++

  16. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "I could have danced all night"

    • album "Pertinent percussion Cha-Cha's"

    • LP, Command, USA, 1960 | ++++

  17. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Caravan"

    • album "Future Sound Shock"

    • LP, Project 3 PR 5077 QD, USA, 1973 | ++++

  18. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Love potion number nine"

    • album "Discotheque vol. 2"

    • LP, Command RS 882 SD 1965, USA, 1965 | ++++

    • info: "Now" style post-space age percussion.

  19. Enoch Light: "California dreamin'"

    • album "Enoch Light And the brass menagerie"

    • LP, Project 3 PR 5036SD, USA, 1969 | ++++

  20. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "My heart belongs to daddy"

    • album "A new concept of great Cole Porter Songs"

    • LP, Command RS 879 SD, USA, 1965 | +++

  21. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade: "Swamp-fire"

    • album "Dimension 3"

    • LP, Command RS 867SD, USA, 1964 | ++++

ratings: +++++outstanding, ++++very good, +++good, ++not bad, +so-so, -yuk

Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Crowd


A2_Girl Talk
A3_Lily Belle
A5_Oh You Beautiful Doll
B1_Hard Hearted Hannah
B2_Sleepy Time Gal
B3_Sweet Lorraine
B5_San Antonio Rose
B6_My Darling Nellie Gray

List member James Dean Brown presented this request to the group a while back. Hard to find going through the Facebook posts. Freshened up here.

Been listening to a few of these tracks on Joe Slezik's Saturday afternoon program on WICN for about 25 years now. During the pledge drive yesterday Pamela Hines was interviewing Joe about his past and his legendary record collection (he has everything). And then Joe's old friend and colleague Ed Gardella showed up! Ed used to visit Joe at the studio, show up with coffee? Ed would fall asleep in his studio after working the late shift? Good work Pamela, getting the guys to reminisce. Sounds like the stories helped and support money was pledged.

Pamela hosts Jazz New England Wednesday's noon-3 PM EST.

My wife heard Job mentioning how hard it is lugging records into the studio. Like its 1958.  That's tough. Joe does it for his own love of the music, but we appreciate it.

Direct comments at the Mailing list or Facebook page.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Psychedelic Portrait by Steam Stock of Zephyr Sounds

A new mix by Steam Stock of Zephyr Sounds - Psychedelic Portrait, at some points dreamy, at some points creepy, a mixture of psychedelic jazz, spoken word, tropicalia, and other bits and pieces harder to pigeon hole. Enjoy!


  1. Jack Arel & Jean-Claude Petit - Psychedelic Portrait

  2. Dorothy Ashby - Myself When Young

  3. Cannonball Adderley - Cancer

  4. The Mahavishnu Orchestra - You Know You Know (elements of Ray Bradbury - The Veldt read by Leonard Nimoy)

  5. David McCallum - The Edge

  6. Ennio Morricone - The Man with the Harmonica

  7. David Axelrod - The Signs The Pawnshop - My Shade

  8. Tim Maia - Que Beleza

  9. Salah Ragab - A Tribute to Sun Ra

  10. Johnny Pate - Headman

  11. Roy Ayers - The Fuzz

  12. Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba

  13. Yusef Lateef - Raymond Winchester

  14. Yusef Lateef - First Gymnopedie

  15. Topanga Canyon - In Love Virgin - A Place in Time Call "You and Me"


Monday, September 19, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.11

Comments at the Facebook page or Original Mailing List


heres a new volume , hope you like that stuff, more dj friendly grooves obscure and superrare latin,soul,jazz,exotica,funk,60s reggae,instrumental,trash jams,fuzz,organs,bongos all from my 45s...
i wish you nice listening pleasure
please leave a comment


2.the purpose-hippie chick
3.harvey mandel-i dont need no doctor
4.harmonica paul-motherless child
5.bobby rush-chicken heads
6.lon rogers-my girl is a soul girl
7.the mohawks-champ reggae version
8.louis&frosty-train time
9.sonny knight-if you want this love
11.the ventures-exploration in terror
12.the road hogs-my generation
13.preston epps-bongolia
14.the slackers-minha menina
15.tossaint mccall-shimmy
16.mose allison-the seventh son
17.travis wammack-its karate time
18.studio g beat group-bluesy group
19.paul humphrey-the changes
20.tommy wills-kc dive
21.mongo santamaria-dont bother me no more
22.sidney pinchback-soul strokes
23.yma sumac-gopher
24.nora dean-angie la la
25.sir collins-black panther
26.village sounds-village sound
27.martin denny-tsetse fly

Sunday, September 18, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.10


more obscure and rare mod-jazz , soul , funk , organ-grooves ,spy, and instrumental jams all from original 45s .
have fun and please leave a comment


1.the prime-mates-hot tamales part 1&2
2.ray christophs new sound-wordless blues instr.
3.pete terrace-no no no
4.101 strings-killer joe a go-go
5.ray sharpe-help me part 1&2
6.afro blues quintet-walk on by
7.ben e. king-get in a hurry
8.ben branch-honey man
9.billy stewart-summertime
10.eddy senay-sarko east
11.clay hammond-dance little girl
12.gene miller-spider man
13.the climates-breaking up again
14.france gall-le coeur qui jazze
15.guy pedersen-we love you
16.jimmy mcgriff-the bird
17.little mack-hard times
18.lou garno trio-muy sabroso
19.roland kirk-making love after hours
20.shirley scott-soul sauce
21.ravi harris-thunderbird part 1&2
22.howard roberts-terpsichore

Saturday, September 17, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.9

Of Vol 32. Comment at the Exotica Facebook or Mailing List.

Uncomfortable posting the cover Mike added to the comp on his original blog. But you can find it embedded in the "complete web site" after extracting....

Original post:

hope you like it,this time more real 50s-60s groovy billy,rhythm&blues,latin,instros,twang,trash
have fun
please leave a comment....

2.orquesta aragon-zoologico negro
3.the cousins-bouddha
4.bob mcfadden-the beat generation
5.the alabama kid-rocking jalopy
7.cliff jackson-frank,this is it
8.los cadillaxe-cadillacs out west
9.freddie king-side tracked
10.howlin' wolf-you gonna wreck my life
11.lawson&four more-back for more
12.jimmy mcgriff-cash box
13.little walter-tell me mama
14.the cousins-the robot
15.spot batmobile
16.owen bradley quintett-big guitar
17.frank frost-got my mojo working
18.the starfires-reentry
19.rob hoeke-when people talk
20.the wailers-the wailer
21.mourning reign-satisfaction guaranteed
22.the newports-dixie woman
23.hollywood studio orchestra-pink panther theme
24.bob callaway-native
25.seeburg spotlite band-twine time
26.little tony-quando vedrai la mia ragazza
27.ike turner-the new breed
28.pancho villa-aint that bad
29.the three sounds-fever
30.custer bottoms-stood up blues
31.the lakettes-here comes the fool
32.bobby jameson-vietnam

Friday, September 16, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.8

Volume 8 of 32.

Direct comments to the Facebook page or the original exotica mailing list.


yes,its time for a new compilation,this time again more cool groovers , organ-jazz, spy-jazz, soul,funk , beat ,french,sitar,instrumentals,only killers no fillers.
all from original 45s and 33s
hope you like that stuff.
please give a comment.
thank you.

2.bill pinkney-i do the jerk
3.boucher&the galaxies-the house of drums
4.charles sheffield-its your voodoo working
5.dave lewis-hi heel sneakers
6.chris montez-the face i love
7.dave baby cortez-countdown
8.eileen-ces bottes sont pour marcher
9.willie mitchell-the champion part 2
10.louis armstrong-sunrise,sunset
11.pete terrace-boogaloo loo
12.jaques dutronc-le rois de la reforme
13.go go jackson-exotic erotic
14.the champs-caramba
15.curley moore-shelleys rubber band
16.jimmie haskell-we get messages
17.kai winding-going,going,gong
18.king horror-zion i
19.boucher&the galaxies-mop up
20.king syam-syams blues
21.los zopilotes-ay,me gusta el cha cha
22.preston epps-blue bongo
23.shadows of knight-potato ship flexi
24.sonny burke-don cosmic
25.strangers-caterpillar crawl
26.wanda jackson-funnel of love
27.wim patings-tequila
28.the zombies -summertime
29.senator everett mckinley-wild thing

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.7

soooo weird this time,
more obscure grooves from superduperrare 45s and 33s
hope you like this shit...
i wish you a lot of fun..
this time more surf,twang,spy,beat,jazz,latin,groovy,organ,and trash
very spooky


2.aart brouwer-he pssst
3.cops & robbers-soukie soukie
4.the bunnys-moanin'
5.paul flagg-papa momma romper stomer
6.jimmy rogers-what have i done
7.junior brown-hillbilly hula gal
8.miss x-christine
9.emperor rosko-al capone
10.martin denny-the carioca
11.slim gaillard-chicken rhythm
12.ronnie spe-bull frog boogie
13.j.watson-space guitar
14.Johnny Fortune-dragster
15.earl hooker-these cotton pickin' blues
16.bill ramsey-unknown quantity
17.ronnie hawkins-who do you love
18.the happenings four-tokyo boogaloo
19.vic mizzy-uncle festers blues
20.the spiders-twilight zone
21.danny darrow-impulse
22.the deadly ones-surfin dock side
23.jacques dutronc-il mondo va cosi
24.lee moses-bad girl
25.guiliano sorgini-zed
26.hawaii mud bombers-tiger shark
27.jack eubanks-casino
28.wanda jackson-fujiyama mama
29.markley-roger the rocket ship
30.piero umiliani-mah-na,mah-n

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.6

hello again,heres a new compilation for you.
ich wünsche angenehmen höhrgenuss,wieder alles dabei, surf , twang ,trash , novelty,
blues , spy , jazz , fuzz ..... it must grooooooove


2.ventures -creeper
3.mama bettys band-die liebesmedizin
4.albert and charles-weird
5.ray barretto-babalu
6.dr.horse-jack,that cat was clean
7.claus ogerman-green onions
8.the bad boys-the villain strikes
9.billy larkin-little mama
10.howlin' wolf-i asked for water
11.ed burkey-night rider
12.galt macdermot-ripped open by metal explosion
13.fred williams-tell her
14.lonnie mack-suzie q
15.mary jane-robot man
16.wayne carter-mad mouth woman
17.johnny otis-banana peels
18.percy mayfield-stranger in my own home town
19.peter thomas-take sex
20.the polaras-cricket
21.the wailers-bad trip
22.pete guitar lewis-louisiana hop
23.titus turner-bow wow
24.the coasters-shopping for clothes
25.alfredito-chinese cha cha
26.wild bill davis-hit the road jack
27.july london-sway
28.spot adv.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.5


hallo 45s freaks,
hier ein neuer sampler aus meiner plattenkiste.
alles dabei , surf , twang , spy ,latin , tittytwisters,
wie immer sehr obskur und längst vergessen...
viel spass


2.jim messina-the cossack
3.les talismans-l'interplanetaire
4.ruth brown-sweet baby of mine
5.chuck berry-crying steel
6.ahmad miller-oshoon
7.ventures-wack wack
8.dion-900 miles
9.peter schirmann-reeperbahn gorillas
10.orient express-fruit of the desert
11.the seaders-thanks a lot
12.billy saint-midnight freeze
13.the boardwalkers-banzai pipeline
14.bob lander-cherokee dance
15.harvey anderson-monday night at 8 p.m.
16.johnny mandel-harpers ferry
17.herb ellis-chung king
18.karl ratzer-mary ann
19.john barry-jazz along alone
21.louis jordan- ma' baby
22.mundell lowe-m.squad
23.the orientals-ali baba
24.ray collins-all alone
25.gary mure-crack up
26.willie bobo-trinidad
27.joe loco-st.louis blues cha cha
28.the merits-arabian jerk
29.luis enriquez-mas que nada

Monday, September 12, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.4

Lets get this blog spinnin'. Just reposting Mike's comments from 2008. Music is universal. "eddie angel - werewolf" is so cool. Where did Mike find this stuff!


hier für euch ein neuer sampler, ganz im folklore beat,wieder alles dabei ,
reverb surf , trash ,instros , twang , tiki , beat , fuzz , schön seltene 45s ,
alles recht obscure. nett zu hören bei einem zombie cocktail,he he he
ich wünsche euch viel spass

1. intro
2. jerry cole - pipeline
3. jim pipkins - mr c.c.
4. jimmie haskell -asteroid hop
5. mood mosaic - bond street
6. royal polynesians - minoi minoi
7. travis wammack - night train
8. eddie angel - werewolf
9. the ricketts - action painting
10. the statesmen - roo buh doo buh
11. lonnie brooks - the train
12. the ventures - bat
13. spot
14. sohail rana - soul sitar
15. the swanks - ghost train
16. the ventures - exploration in terror
17. jimmie haskell - blast off
18. nero and the gladiators - boots
19. milt buckner - the beast
20. the saints - pigtails
21. ahab and the wailers - neds tune
22. the tormentos - endless tube
23. geranium pond - no elephants in my garden
24. piero montanari - tiptoe
25. gerd wilden - girl faces
26. thane russal - security
27. smokestack lightnin - look what youve done
28. nino nardini - the white snake
29. the volcanos - whirlpool
30. the waikikis - remember boa boa
31. the untouchables - crawlin

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.3

nochmal tief in die plattenkiste gegriffen,ich wünsche euch viel spass.

wieder alles dabei , spy ,twang ,surf ,trash , beat ,jazz ,funny stuff


2.don ralke - zooba
3.the playboys-theme from dr.no
4.chris powell-hot dog
5.david michael-wow
6.unknown-highway six
7.titus turner-bla ,bla,bla
8.the atlantics-shark attack
9.beat group-hi,bird
10.betty page-agent who
11.bill ramsey-casa bambo
12.linda lanzetta-president kennedy
13.unknown instro
14.union avenue-ace of spades
15.bradley mundi-vots going on there
16.calvin cool-el tecolote
17.dean elliott-youre the top
19.lenny dee-pink panther theme
20.eartha kitt-honolulu rock and roll
21.eldee young-mr .tipps
22.the gemtones-man with the golden arm
23.googie rene-the chiller
24.helen grayco-lilys lament
25.the pharos-pintor
26.jimmy ricks-lazy mule
27.bo diddley-give me break
28.miss ann-margret-thirteen men
29.the montesas-rokhar
30.pepino-rum and coca cola
31.the quarter notes-oriental rock
32.the shadows-scotch on the socks
33.the surfmen-ghost hop
34.wild jimmy spruill-hard grind

Comment (if you want) at the Mailing List or Face Book page

Friday, September 9, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.2

hier ein neuer sampler aus der plattenkiste, alles dabei surf , novelty ,fuzz , organ , spy, trash,twang,jazz



the remo four - peter gun
bill doggett - hot fudge
chris howland - wenn ich james bond wär
harry kalani - hawaiian starlight
alf newman - its a gas
bad boys - black olives
jackie harris - no kind of man part1&2
bill doggett - the worm
champs - twenty thousand
citations - moon race
dave lewis - lip service
dc washington -the mohawk
don cunningham -tabu
donn reynolds - texas yodel
eddie angel - beyond zone x
hank levine - swingin village
harold harris - bluesville
jimmy gordon - buzzzzz
kim fowley - the trip
jonathan - trackin
king curtis - green onions
larry bright - bacon fat
little sonny - stretchin out
martinis - hung over
petula clark - l agent secret
polaras - cricket
pyramids - penetration
101 strings - karma sitar
royal polynesians - tamure

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

dj cicodelico presents obscure grooves vol.1


Exotica member Mike Cicodelico Langenbahn created about 52 mixtapes on his blog back in 2008. Said I can report them for the Exotica members. Maybe I'll add one a week. Or Mike, can add you as a contributor to this blog and you can repost them yourselves.

hi groove freaks,hier zur eröffnung meines blogs.

ein leckerer sampler,gemixt aus meiner 7'' plattenkiste.

hoffe er gefällt euch.

alles dabei , surf ,trash , popcorn , spyjazz , souljazz etc.


buddy lee - countdown
sonny knight quartette-lets get it on part 1&2
electro-tones-ghost train
james rivers-bird brain
sandy nelson-cashbah
andrea tosi - la sorella di christina my remix
the lolas-soul 70 my remix
ozzie torrens-ozzaboo
balsara and his singing sitars-these boots are made
eileen-die stiefel sind zum wandern
gene russells trio-feelin' good
joe torres - dragon cha cha
bing day-mamas place
antoine-une autre autoroute
peggy lee-sneakin up on you
augie colon-okolehau
big john taylor-money
nancy adams-somebodys in my orchard
billy larkin-aint it a groove
sugar pie desanto-going
back where i belong
bobby taylor-temptation
earl hooker-blue guitar
kitty daisey-swinging hawaii
les baxter-jungalero
nino rapicavoli-psychedelic jam
the ricco-shays-damascus
sparkle moore-tiger
washboard bill-washboard story

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Jack Diamond's House of Games From 28Mar 1999



The first post on YOUR Exotica group Facebook blog! A Legacy post.

3 1/2 hours of  Jack Diamond's "House of Games" from Sunday 28 Mar 1999. on KFJC.

Jack Diamond was one of the early DJ's to cobble together this format we like:

Pop instrumental music from the 50’s and beyond, including TV and Film Soundtracks, Beatnik and Private Eye Jazz, Exotica, and a collage of sounds from out of space.”

A BIG SHOUTOUT to Ron for providing me with nine of the Jack Diamond’s House of Games from 1999. And if they are popular will post all nine of them eventually.

Jack was a member of the Original Mailing List. Even banned once!

I scoured Jack’s playlists for artists and albums. Listened to the 1st Luxuriamusic incarnation where Jack moved to after KFJC , chatted and corresponded with him.

Comments? Direct them to the mirror post on the Facebook page.

After extracting the zip files to a folder, there will be some duplicate tracks. Left everything as received.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

About the Exotica Mailing List


A forum for people interested in a wide variety of musical styles.
Who might already like Instrumentals, Vocals, Jazz, Swing, Soul, R&B, Blues.
Equally at ease with Pop, Psychedelic, Funk, Proto-Rock and still looking for new and interesting music!